ANAS intends to develop information systems for Republican Coordination Council of Scientific Research
Oct 11, 2016 | 15:36 / Conferences, assemblies
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Within the frame of e-science project in ANAS, it is intended to develop information systems "Registry of Scientific Problems” and "Registry of Thesis Topics" for Republican Coordination Council of Scientific Research.

Deputy Director of the Institute of Information Technology of ANAS, PhD in Engineering Rashid Alakbarov informed about at the meeting of Academic Council.

Bringing to the attention of the conceptual issues and architectural principles for information systems R.Alakbarov reported that the database AzScienceNet scientific computer network will be deployed in the data center and commissioned online.

It was stressed that the creation of information systems will play an important role in supporting management decision-making, finding the repeatability of the studies, evaluation of the scientific structures, improving the efficiency of use of budgetary funds, and conduct bibliometric and science-metric analyzes, as well as ensuring the timeliness, accuracy and transparency.

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